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Contribute to Julia's Campaign!

I ask for your support to continue to provide District 7 and Fulton County Schools with the best educational system possible. I have a vested interest in the success of our system and want to work toward making a difference for the children, families, and school communities of Fulton County.

I invite you to make a financial contribution to my campaign, and to keep our children first.

You may forward contributions to the following address:

The Committee to Re-elect Julia Bernath
210 Lackland Court
Sandy Springs, Georgia 30350

Please make checks payable to:

The Committee to Re-elect Julia Bernath

Contribute to the Campaign Online:

You can now make campaign contributions directly from this website using PayPal's secure system for online transactions. Enter your Occupation/Employer information in the text field below and click on the "DONATE" button below to begin this process.

Occupation/Employer: (Required by Georgia Law)

Financial Contribution Disclosure: Our state law allows contributions up to $2000 per person, business, or corporation per election to state and local candidates. This means that a husband and wife can give up to $4000; however, they must sign separate checks to do so. A person who owns a corporation may give the maximum personally and the maximum from their business or corporation, but the contributions must be made with separate checks. State law requires the disclosure of the name, address, occupation and employer of all individuals, businesses, or corporations whose aggregate contribution exceeds $101. While contributions can come from individuals, businesses or corporations, they are not tax deductible.